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How to Repair Your Old Broken Fashion Jewelry

Like most fashion jewelry (a.k.a costume jewelry) lovers you probably have some old seemingly worn out rings, necklaces, or bracelets shoved to the back of your drawer or jewelry box that never get worn. The great thing about inexpensive costume jewelry is that it is easy to get your moneys worth out of it. However, why not get even more bank for your buck by breathing new life into those old jewelry pieces by reversing some of their most common issues:

Problem 1: Dirty or Tarnished?

Cleaning fashion jewelry is simple but choose your cleaner wisely. Only use a jewelry cleaner that specifically states that it is safe for costume jewelry and read the ingredients to make sure that it does not contain alcohol, acids, or ammonia because these can strip the gold or silver plate. Use a children’s soft bristle tooth brush for cleaning around costume jewelry stones. Its probably not be a good idea to immerse rhinestone jewelry because the stones can become unglued.

If your fashion jewelry items are only lightly tarnished a good buffing with a soft dry jewelry cloth may do the trick. For more heavily tarnished items a jewelry polish can work wonders.

Problem 2: Worn out gold or silver plating?

Because typical fashion jewelry plating is very thin it can eventually rub off from wear or become damaged from the use of harsh chemicals, creams, or perfumes. If this happens there are several options in gold and silver re-plating solutions that can be found online. Some are fairly simple and can be performed without the use of heat or electricity while others are a little more complex. I found one website in particular that offers a very good variety of plating options (e.g. immersion plating, pen plating) and general plating instructions for precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and rhodium. It is shorinternational.com. Click on the contents and search box and then plating gateway. One word of caution: I would recommend buying only cyanide free plating solutions as cyanide is poisonous. For silver lovers there is one product that I have personally used that has worked well for me and it is called Silver Brite. This is an all in one cream that cleans, polishes, and re-plates worn silver on jewelry and other items. It is very easy to use and fairly inexpensive. Just rub the cream on with an applicator sponge or a Q-tip for small items and rub off with the buffing cloth that is included with the kit. The result is a clean, sparking silver finish.

Problem 3: Loose or missing stones?

If a stone such as a cubic zirconia, plastic, or glass has become loose or fallen out a drop or two of super glue will do the trick. Just be careful not to use too much. You don’t want the glue oozing out of the sides and causing the piece to adhere to your skin or some other object. Most of the time a single drop will suffice unless it is a very large stone in which case you may want to use two drops. If you cannot find the missing stone there are companies online that sell loose cz stones if you have a particular chain or ring band you want to salvage. Simply do an internet search for cz stones.

Problem 4: Broken clasp?

If your fashion necklace or bracelet has a broken clasp make sure it is the actual clasp that is broken. The problem may be a broken jump ring which is a tiny metal ring that is open in one spot which connects the clasp to the chain. If this is the problem it can be easily fixed. First identify what kind of clasp it is (e.g. lobster clasp which is shaped like a lobster claw and has a tiny spring loaded lever, a magnetic clasp which is just as it sounds, or a spring ring which is also spring loaded) then visit your local craft store or do a search online for jewelry clasps and you should find what you need. If the clasp is soldered on you will need to contact a jewelry repair professional.

Problem 5: Out of date:

If you simply want to add a new flair to your old fashion jewelry pieces you can simply mix and match. If you have a special pendant that you are especially fond of give it a new life with a more contemporary chain. Add new charms to your favorite bracelet or re-plate that old silver necklace with a shiny new gold finish. Be creative!

Fashion Tips and Advice – How to Pick Clothes That Flatter Your Particular Body Type

One of the most common mistakes women make when shopping is not purchasing clothes that flatter their particular body shapes. There are four basic female body shapes:

1) Pear shape – upper body is noticeably thinner than lower body. Weight gain tends to accumulate around hips and thighs.

2) Hourglass shape – very curvy body with clearly defined waist.

3) Apple shape – upper body is noticeably larger than lower body. Weight gain tends to accumulate around waistline.

4) Rectangle shape – figure appears “straight up and down”, and curves are not very well-defined.

Pear shaped figures are flattered by clothes that enhance and draw attention to the upper body while emphasizing the waist. Wrap shirts and off-the-shoulder or V-necked tops are very flattering. Jackets with nipped-in waists and pockets and enhancements around the bust work well with this figure. Pants or jeans should be cut to where they fall straight down from the widest part of your hip with a mid-rise waist. Boot cut and slightly flared pants are ideal, but stay away from tapered legs.

Hourglass shapes are flattered by clothes that are proportional on both the top and the bottom, and attention should be drawn to the waist. Wrap tops and shirts that are gathered around the waist look great on this body type, but stay away from boxy styles. Pants and jeans that fall away from the widest part of your hip look best. Fitted, straight, or flared jeans work well as long as the flare does not exceed the width of your hips.

Apple shaped figures are flatted by light, layered fabrics. Proper layering around the midsection can make you look shapely verses thick. Monochromatic themes work best on this body type, as wearing the same colors on the top and bottom will create clean, straight lines. Tops and shirts should never be tight or clingy, and should always be long enough to at least hit the hip area. V-necks and wrap tops are very flattering, while chunky styles and long, thick jackets should be avoided. Bootcut jeans and pants that fall below the ankle are a great choice. A little stretch in the jeans goes a long way to pull in the midsection and emphasize the right curves.

Rectangle, or “straight shaped” figures are flattered by more form-fitting clothes with mixed and matched tops and bottoms to create the image of curves. Wide belts are recommended around the waistline. Tops and jackets with nipped and flared waists are ideal, and the bottoms should not extend beyond the hipbones. Off the shoulder, wide necked, or V-necked tops are very flattering. Pants or slacks with wide waist bands and full or flared legs that fit low on the hips are ideal.

Remember, all body shapes are beautiful, and there is no “ideal shape”. Relax and have a blast while shopping for funky, fun clothes, and enhance the beauty that Mother Nature provided!

Working In Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts may be aptly named. They feature a number of pockets, both in the front and the rear. Also, many also feature deep side pockets. For many, these shorts are great example of casual  fashion . However, they serve another purpose. If you work in general retail or in a warehouse, cargo shorts are an absolute must. They are extremely comfortable, and the multitude of pockets makes performing your job a lot easier.

Retail is far from being a mindless job. Besides interacting with customers, you are tasked with solving many problems within a day. This involves how product is merchandised and how shelving is laid out to issues of freight in the store’s stock room. If the store is very large, you can accrue a lot of items over the course of a day. Most times, this involves tape and box cutters. In other cases, it could be small merchandise fixtures like peg hooks. Also, since price integrity is a daily priority, you can easily find yourself carrying around a roll of blank shelf tags. Lastly, you may be carrying a walkie-talkie.

A good pair allows you to carry all of these things and you can even organize them by which pockets you place them into. This dynamic is much the same as working in a warehouse. A regular pair does not afford this convenience. As a result, it is much easier to misplace the things needed to do your job and do it well. Of course, before buying a pair, you should make certain that they fit your company’s dress code.

Shopping Tips: How to Make The Right Choices

Spending a lot on clothes or wearing designer labels does not guarantee that you will look chic; nor does having a large wardrobe guarantee it either. How good you look depends largely on what you choose to wear and how well it suits you. It may be the latest fad and look great on the department store model but not do anything for you. This is why it is important to know your body shape, the styles that accentuate it and how to create a fabulous look without spending a fortune.

1. Start your clothes shopping like you would shop for groceries – with a list. Take inventory of what you have in your closet and what new items will expand your wardrobe. Whatever you buy should match at least 3 other wardrobe pieces.

2. To get more for less, buy timeless basics and stay away from fads. For example, a skirt with layers of frills may be in style this season but be totally wrong for any season after. It will end up sitting in your closet and be on your “bad purchase” list.

3. If you are starting a working wardrobe and want to get a jump-start, try making black a basic color. It will be easy to coordinate with other items and always looks great.

4. Try on everything before you buy and make sure it feels comfortable. If it rides up, itches, is too tight or can only be worn on special occasions then it is not a good purchase.

5. Do not buy items that are 50 – 70% off if it is not something that you would want to buy at regular price. It is not a great deal if it doesn’t’ fit with your existing wardrobe. It will end up at the back of your closet.

6. Shop for what you need keeping quality in mind. Before buying take into consideration washing instructions. If you have to spend a lot on dry cleaning then your bargain is no longer a bargain. If you are afraid to wash it maybe it’s best left in the store and if it has cheap workmanship don’t buy it. Look for high quality at a lower price at the end of the season.

7. To create a stunning image consideration must be paid to grooming such as hair, skin, teeth and makeup. The best outfit in the world will look horrible if the woman does not have good grooming habits.

© Copyright Sheila Dicks 2005

Fashion Forward Handbags for Moms on the Go

Handbags have been the  fashion  accessory of choice for celebutantes and fashionistas for years now. But only recently did they become a must-have item for suburban moms. In this article, we will take you through the surprisingly complex process of purchasing a handbag.

Where to Start?

Unlike super-rich celebrities, most women must make do with just one handbag, which means that they must choose wisely. It also means that they cannot possibility coordinate bags to match their wardrobe. Instead, they must select a bag that goes well with most of their favorite clothes. A leather bag in a neutral color is the safest and most versatile choice.


But before you can select a handbag, you must first know what you are using it for. What is its purpose? The three most popular types of handbags at present are carry-alls, office handbags and evening handbags. As you may have guessed, each of them has a different purpose and is generally used at a different time of day.

The carry-all is the largest of the handbags with more pockets than a pool hall. It can be used to store everything you need for work, travel or play. The office handbag, on the other hand, is much slimmer and has a sleeker, more professional design to complement your work clothes. Last but not least, the evening handbag is often the smallest offering. The most popular types include clutch purses, clamshells and evening bag. They are designed to hold only the bare out-on-the-town essentials, like lipstick, keys and a cell phone.


As a general rule, the shape of the bag you choose shouldn’t match your figure. For example, if you are tall and thin, it is best to find a bigger bag. But if you are short and fat, a smaller bag may work out. Never be apprehensive about trying out a handbag in the store. Everybody does it! In the end, the most important thing is to find a bag that you are comfortable with.

Do Some Research

Most of the top designers have their own websites where you can go to get a look at their entire product lines. Of course, you won’t know which handbag you want until you are wearing it. But pictures and descriptions should help you narrow your search a bit. It will also let you know if the product is within your price range.

Quick tip: Most designers have specialty outlet stores where authentic handbags can be purchased for fifty to seventy percent off. The only problem is that most of these outlets are situated in remote locations and it can take hours to get to them. If you do decide to make the trek to an outlet store, be sure to call ahead to see if they have the item you are looking for. Inventories in these stores are often quite limited.

What’s In?

The more popular the bag, the more you should expect to pay. In fact, the only reason outlet stores sell designer handbags at affordable prices is that they are last year’s models, which in the world of the fashionista translates to “hopelessly-out-of-date.” So, if you are one of the hip moms who absolutely must have the trendiest and hottest handbag on the market, be prepared to pay. A new “it” bag can cost thousands of dollars and will be all but impossible to find.

How to Spot a Fake

Due to their price and popularity, designer handbags are the item of choice for counterfeiters the world over. According to the International Chamber of Commerce, anywhere from five to ten percent of all designer goods are fakes. As you might expect, the bigger the name, the more of a chance there is the item is an imitation.

What should you look for? There are number of simple rules consumers can and should follow in order to ensure that they are getting what they’re paying for. The first thing you should do is examine the logo. Because it is illegal to counterfeit a name-brand item, most knockoffs are nothing more than cheap imitations. They will look, smell and maybe even feel like the original, but they will not have the logo. Reproducing a trademarked logo is a crime. So, if a handbag doesn’t have a brand-name logo, then it isn’t the real thing.

Just in case you suspect us being of being handbag snobs, we will explain why it is important to make certain that your handbag is not a fake. In short, knockoffs are cheap. They are made with inferior materials by people who do not have much experience. And that is another sure way you can tell the real McCoy from a fake. That is, if a handbag looks cheap, if the stitching is loose or uneven, it is not the real thing. Top handbag designers have quality control teams that would never let a shoddy product leave their facility.

The most important thing to consider when finding that perfect handbag is how satisfied you are. Take these tips into consideration and find yours today.

Top 10 Celebrity Styles For 2008-2009

Every year we look to celebrities for fashion inspiration and new styles. Looking back over this year we can say that 2008 did not disappoint. Although some celebrities veered a little too far left of what is fashionably acceptable many others hit the bulls-eye. Even if you didn’t commit to any of the following trends, you can’t deny that they made statements in 2008. We have broken them down in order from 1 – 10 and let you know who owned that specific celebrity style.

Fashion Trend # 1: The Two-finger ring. This is one of the coolest jewelry trends we’ve seen in awhile. It has been spotted on famous celebrities such as Rihanna and Lauren Conrad from ”The Hills”.

Fashion Trend # 2: Baggy ”Boy” Jeans. This was a hit-and-miss look. It really depended on the body type of the person sporting the look. We think the new Baggy Boy Jeans should have a distressed and loose look, but should also be cut to show off a woman’s curves. This celebrity style was rocked by Reese Witherspoon and Katie Holmes.

Fashion Trend # 3: Nail Designs. Many celebrities decided to wear crazy colors on their nails this year. Those celebrities include Beyonce, Eve and Rihanna.

Fashion Trend # 4: Sky-Scraper High Heels. Every year high-heels get higher and more dangerous looking. If you don’t believe us just take a look at Victoria Beckham and Madonna.

Fashion Trend # 5: Pointless Accessories. Anything and everything was up for grabs to be an accessory in 2008. Just take a look at Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Beyonce.

Fashion Trend # 6: Obama T-Shirts. For the first time we can remember political T’s were available and worn by the general public. Check them out on Halle Berry, Beyonce and P Diddy Combs.

Fashion Trend # 7: Nerdy Glasses. Geek-chic is a sure thing, when worn right. But be careful because dark, thick plastic frames aren’t a look everyone can pull off. If you want to see them worn right check out the celebrity style of Kanye West, Jay-Z and Common.

Fashion Trend # 8: Bangs. This look also doesn’t work for everyone, but when it does, watch out! Check out the bangs on Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera…HOT!

Fashion Trend # 9: Leather Jackets. This look was taken straight from the 80’s, but worked great in 2008. Some celebrities rocking leather jackets were Vanessa Hudgens and Rihanna.

Fashion Trend # 10: Hippie Headband. Very few people can actually pull this look off. Personally, I’m not of fan of it on anybody. Some ladies sporting the hippie headband this year were Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton.

As you can tell there were many new celebrity styles this year, along with some re-tread styles. Every year we are amazed at what people bring back out of the closet and add to their wardrobe. No matter how much we may fight it, the looks always seem as glamorous and hot as they did before. We can’t wait to see what celebrity styles these people pull out next year. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Feline Fashion for Halloween

Anyone will tell you that one of the sexiest women’s Halloween costumes has been the cat costume, and it has topped the list for many years. The combination of the usually tight-fitting cat suit and the image of the feline on the prowl make this costume choice one that stands out. Classic cat suits range from the traditional looking kitty costume to the Cat Woman in sleek black from head to toe. Whichever you choose, a cat costume will have everyone wanting to investigate your feline wiles.

A classic character from the comics, Cat Woman is sexy, smart, and stealthy. Her black latex outfit topped with a black hood with cat ears is a well known superhero image. Since the character first appeared on the pages of comic books, the costume has been a popular choice for brave women willing to slip into something skin-tight to show off their curves. Cat Woman is a dark and mysterious character, adding to her appeal for both women seeking a great sexy costume and men interested in getting to know the gutsy woman in black.

For something a little prettier and a little less Gothic looking, there are highly feminine costumes that feature cat ears on a headband and a kitty-inspired dress or jumpsuit. Whether you prefer a flirty short skirt or a two piece that includes pants, kitty costumes come in a wide range of choices. The ears are what really matter, and of course a kitty has to have a tail!

Cats aren’t all the small domestic kind, and not all cat costumes are quite so tame either. For a wilder approach to the cat costume, consider one of the big predator cats of the wild. Tigers, leopards, and of course the fierce and dangerous lioness are cat costumes that go a step further. With wild animal prints cut into sexy styles, these jungle cat costumes are bound to turn heads.

Choosing to wear a costume for Halloween is the easy part; choosing which type of costume you want to wear is a little more difficult. The popularity of cat costumes for women means there is a wide variety of choices available. Choose the cat that best fits your personality. Are you a lioness or a tiger on the hunt? Are you a pretty cat who still has claws that can come out if provoked? Or are you the dangerous and mysterious Cat Woman, prowling the night in deep, dark disguise?

There is something about putting on a cat costume that just makes a woman feel sexy, so choose the one that represents your sexy feline side, and strut your stuff as a nocturnal kitty on the right night for it, Halloween!

Some Useful Fashion Tips for You

I find it really amusing. Some people simply flee whenever I mention the word ‘ fashion ‘. But I can understand why some people are so afraid of  fashion . They simply don’t believe that they can look like a supermodel.

Well, it is really not as difficult as you think. Sure, you may not look like a supermodel. But you can certainly improve your appearance if you are willing to put in some effort to learn some  fashion  tips.

So let me share with you some  fashion  tips in this article.

You Won’t Go Wrong With Black and White

Most people are ‘color blind’. They just don’t know how to choose the best color combination. Are you helpless with color too? If that is the case, here is my advice for you. If in doubt, just pair black with white. This ‘black and white’ color combination works in most situations.

Choose The Right Pair of Spectacles

From time to time, I find myself scratching my head. I cannot understand why people can spend so much time hunting for the perfect outfit and yet they just wear a plain old pair of spectacles. Don’t do yourself a disservice. Go and upgrade your spectacles. Get something more fashionable.

You Can Learn A Lot On The Internet

Without a doubt, the internet is an information treasure house. If you want to learn more about  fashion , just sit behind the computer and use the internet. In fact, if you just spend one hour on Youtube, you should be able to pick up at least one or two  fashion  tips that you can start using today.

You Can Learn A Lot from Your Friends

There is only so much that you can learn from the internet because the internet does not know who you are. Everyone is different. For example, some people are short and some people are tall. A  fashion  tip that is suitable for someone else may not necessary be suitable for you.

That is why there are a lot of things that you can learn from your friends. You friends know who you are and they will be able to give you a ‘customized solution’. Of course, you should only listen to friends who know how to dress well.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Out New Style

Sometimes, you need to try out a few styles to find out what suits you best. You will usually know the answer by the feedback that you receive from your friends.

Hopefully, you have learned some  fashion  tips from this article.

How Social Media Is Affecting Current Fashions and Trends

In the past, the fashion world has seemed like a place out of reach to the general public. A mysterious place; which only the rich and famous could be part of. These days, however, thanks to the revolution of social media, this world has opened up, and everyone can join in and share experiences. Social media has had a huge impact on fashions and trends.

One of the leading examples of social media which has affected fashion is blogging. The demand for blogging has increased immensely over the past few years, and more people are becoming involved in this way of connecting with each other. Fashion bloggers report on the latest fashions and trends via relevant websites, before they reach magazines, and interestingly, we now see bloggers sitting in the front row of catwalk shows. A place which was previously reserved for only celebrities and designers. The reason there is such a huge interest in this form of social media, is not only because we can usually relate to the writer, but also because they have the ability to report on the latest trends instantly after the shows have taken place. This diminishes the need to wait weeks or months on magazines being published, or websites updated. It also gives us a platform to interact and communicate with each other.

Popular websites such as Facebook, twitter and YouTube have also had a tremendous influence on ladies fashion and current trends. Top designers such as Burberry and Louis Vuitton have used these types of social media to stream live catwalk shows as they happen, which enables viewers to tell each other about the latest fashion before it reaches the shops. It is also a way to communicate directly with designers, which increases their awareness of what looks are popular and what fashion enthusiasts are interested in. It enables people to feel connected and express their opinions. It also allows people to have a direct influence on fashion trends, and know their views are valued. Designers are also developing ways for viewers to make instant clothing purchases, during these live performances.

Fashion dedicated sites such as Polyvore and Chitopia have in-built forums, where visitors can interact with each other, and share style tips and advice. There is also the option to upload photos, and show off your personal style. These types of fashions sites have a significant affect on current trends, as people love to talk to each other, and what better way to showcase your own unique style, and allow others to become inspired and even replicate ideas.

The increase in social media not only affects styles and trends, but it also allows designers to reach a higher amount of people, in a shorter time frame. It can greatly increase traffic to specific websites, and as a result, make a huge impact on online sales. The need and desire for social media is only set to continue and make way for an even more interesting and inspirational way to interact and enjoy the latest styles.

Brief History of Italian Fashion

Italy and  Fashion  have a very unique and special relationship, and when you consider such names as Dolce&Gabbana, Versace and Armani, to name but a few, it’s not difficult to see why. But if we look back into the history of Italian  Fashion , (e.g. see also the article on Nina Ricci) we start to understand what gave Italy such a status in the  Fashion  World.

Count Giorgini started the ‘Italian  Fashion ‘ craze in 1951, when he organised a  fashion  show to be presented to an International audience in Florence. He then continued to present other  fashion  shows at his palace, presenting new collections modelled by nobilty against a backdrop of fine arts and scenery. Nobilty would also model new collections at museums or exhibitions next to famous pieces of fine art. This all contributed to elevating the status of Italian  fashion , and implanting in everyone’s minds that Italian  fashion  gives you status, is very rich in quality,and almost ‘fairytale’ like.

In the 1970s and 1980s Milan made its mark as being the  Fashion  Capital of Italy, and the phrase Made in Italy became universally recognised as meaning ‘high quality’, and ‘high  fashion ‘. Today there are various  fashion  trade fairs in Milan, and it is considered by many to be the  Fashion  Capital of The World.