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Beijing Shopping Advice

Beijing is a city of both history and modern. Most travelers were impressed by those old buildings, world heritage sites and historical relics when they first travel to the ancient city. But when they stay longer and get to know it better, they may find that Beijing is actually a very modern city where you can easily go nightlife, international cuisine and endless shopping.

Shopping in Beijing is very exciting and easy. Driving around the streets, you will pass by numerous stylistic stores, shopping malls and markets. You can buy almost anything you want here and get them with cheap prices.

If you are a traveler and want to buy souvenirs, that’s easy. There are many markets in and around the tourist attractions, or inside the city shopping malls. Souvenirs can be jade, pearl, Chinese fans, chopsticks, cloisonné, Chinese art crafts, tea and silk etc. Most souvenirs in street side stores are very cheap and allow bargaining.

If you want to buy cheap clothes, hats, shoes or bags, Silk Market, Yaxiu market and pearl market can be the choices. The three markets has been the most popular shopping markets among international tourists, because these markets have great variety of products to choose from, and the sales person can speak English that makes communication easier.

For electronic products, Zhongguancun, or Silicon Valley, can be the first choice. There are many huge shopping malls in Zhongguancun area where you can buy PC, camera, cell phone, mp4 and all kinds electronics. When you plan to go shopping in Zhongguancun, it is better to ask a local Chinese to go with you because he may help you communicate and bargain.

Or if you don’t want the bargaining place, you may choose to go shopping in large shopping malls whose prices are usually fixed. Though their prices might be a bit higher than that of markets, they can insure you a better quality and genuine.