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The Advantages To Using Black Ink Instead Of Blue


For generations, the colour ink of choice in pens has been blue. The reason behind blue ink comes from the creation of the first pens – blue ink was easier to produce from natural sources, and as more colours were developed, the majority continued to buy the more easily obtainable and cheaper inks. Many people argue that blue is easier to read on the white paper, but in this day and age, and in the computer generation is it time everyone switched to black ink pens?

Why Use Blue Pens.

The only valid reason for still using a blue ink pen is that many believe that a signature in blue ink, is a good way to clearly see that a document has been signed, and is an original, not a photocopy, or digital version that has simply been printed. This is of course, nonsense nowadays, as printers can easily replicate any colour, and can easily print a letter with a blue signature at the bottom.

Why Switch To Black Ink.

It is most probably that any document that you fill-in, put your signature on, or complete will eventually be scanned and stored digitally. Black ink is much easier for scanners and photocopiers to detect and read, making a clearer copy.

Important documents – such as government forms or students essay and exam papers should always be completed in black ink for the same reason.

For these reasons alone, it is always better to carry or have easy access to a black pen.


As this article has shown, there are few, if no reasons to continue to use blue ink. The ascetics of a hand written blue letter may look more pleasing, and give the impression of a unique document, but in reality it can be replicated and printed from a computer just as a black ink letter.

Shopping for an iPhone Case and the Different Types Available

So you bought a new iPhone but you’re worried about dropping or scratching it. The best way to keep it safe is by getting a case for it but with so many options which is best suited for you and do you even really need one? Chances are that sooner or later you’re going to drop your phone, in most cases it’s sooner rather than later. Now your smartphone’s outer body is certainly strong enough to survive a few drops here and there, some phones are even being built out of metal materials to provide better protection against these mishaps but these tumbles undoubtedly leave behind scratches and unwanted marks over time. Purchasing a case can not only provide another level of protection, act as that needed barrier to prevent any lasting damage from reaching your phone but also give you a way to make your phone feel unique by adding a case featuring a design that stylizes who you are and what your likes or hobbies are. For example if you’re a cat person there are tons of cat themed cases and covers to choose from. While there is an ever growing amount of cases ranging from different styles, colors, texture and design there are two main categories that most cases fall into and that is either a hard plastic or soft gel case.

Silicon and Soft Gel Cases

Generally soft gel cases provide a higher level of protection because they’re usually thicker than their plastic counterpart and also because the material used is often silicon or a similar material but always they are extremely scratch resistant and shock to protect if accidentally dropped. The down side to soft gel cases however is that for the most part they don’t offer much in the way of design. Unlike the hard plastic cases that feature high resolution digitally printed designs on the rear panel, soft gel cases are mostly solid colors or feature simple designs. To make up for this some designers add 3D effects to their cases such as cat ears, skateboard wheels, sandal straps, etc. This isn’t possible on hard plastic cases because it would be too bulky and the plastic material isn’t flexible like the soft gel. One thing to keep in mind if you do decide to get a soft gel case is that they do stretch out over time. This takes a long time to happen and some cases last longer than others but eventually they stretch out to a larger size than your iPhone rendering them useless. It doesn’t help if you put on and take off the case often, think of taking a rubber band and stretching it constantly, eventually it will lose its elasticity.

Hard Plastic Cases

Plastic cases provide a great balance between good graphical design options and much needed durability while remaining practical. These types of cases are prone to cracking or generally breaking beyond use if dropped from a moderate distance but they do provide a reasonable amount of protection against scratches, dings and dust that might gather on your phone. The plastic cases are usually designed in a sleek and modern style so they tend to be less bulky than the standard soft silicon cases making them an ideal choice for those who use their phone a lot or for business. One of the best things about hard plastic cases is their graphical design; they provide an empty canvas for designers to print a cool graphic or image. Usually the designs are only printed on the rear facing panel but sometimes the design calls for a full wrap of the case making them truly unique and one of a kind.

Now that you know the two most common types of phone cases available you can go out and make an informed decision about which one is better suited for your needs. If shopping online remember that it’s best to browse around for the best price as in most cases you’ll find the same case in multiple locations and the prices get can competitively.

How to Become a Fashion Designer Without Going to Fashion School

The glitz and glamour of the fashion industry is more reachable than you think. Although high-profile personalities tend to make couture wear and high-fashion seem so difficult to own, this projection exists to make people think high-end clothing can never be recreated, when the truth is, sewing these clothes together is as easy as tying your shoelace.

Becoming a fashion designer might have been your dream, but the high costs of sending yourself to fashion school might have discouraged you to pursue that goal. Fortunately, with the boom of the internet, learning the fundamentals of fashion designing and sewing becomes easier to acquire online. Furthermore, you do not have to leave your home and comply with piles and piles of school requirements because you can learn whenever, wherever.

To become a successful designer for couture and casual wear, you need to have persistence and passion for fashion. You need to have a penchant for drawing, designing, and rebuilding new things from older sources. You need to be inventive and innovative at the same time since designs that do well in the fashion world are those that are fresh and striking.

Another important lesson you need to understand is sewing; basically, you need to know how to sew, cut clothes, and picking the write textiles. Try this activity: go through your closet and simply feel the cloth used on your dresses, shirts, jackets and coats. Spend as much time as you can to understand which textile would do well for shirts, dresses and pants.

There are books that tell aspiring fashion designers which cloth would go well for what type of clothing; if you have one, use this as a guide to help you with your designing, but if you don’t, there are sewing handbooks that come with a guide to help you select the right textile for clothes.

The third and probably the most important thing you need to understand before becoming a fashion designer is sewing. You will be doing a lot of sewing to show customers what you have created lately. If you find work in a fashion house, you will have to create your clothes yourself and pitch your idea to your boss. If you become a freelance fashion designer, consequently, you need to show your work to your potential clients.

Six Pack Shortcuts Review – Mike Chang’s Abs Program

The Six Pack Shortcuts program is a fitness and eating plan created by Mike Chang, a guy who went from being overweight and out of shape to an internet fitness sensation. Looking at his physique now, it’s easy to see why his transformation is so impressive. He certainly made a dramatic difference in how he looks and he does have six pack abs.

The Six Pack Shortcuts program is an online video program in which Mike Chang shows you how to workout and eat to burn excess body fat and develop six pack abs.

This is a 12 week program which is divided into 4 phases. During each of these phases you follow a 5 day a week workout routine which involves doing an assortment of strength exercises. Each of the workouts should take up to 45 minutes to complete. You need access to a gym or workout equipment such as dumbbells, barbell, and a bench to do all of the exercises.

The purpose of the first phase of the Six Pack Shortcuts is to help you build additional muscle mass in order to boost your metabolism and create a situation in which your body simply burns a lot of more weight than usual. Later on you start to work on muscle definition and core muscle power. The workouts often include supersets and even trisets as these help you squeeze in more work into less time and create an intense experience.

As you continue through the 12 weeks of the program you should see a big increase in your muscle mass and a reduction in your body fat percentage. This is what is required in order to get flat abs. You have to get lean in order for the underlying abs muscles to show.

This is something that I like about Six Pack Shortcuts and Mike Chang should be applauded for this: he doesn’t try to trick you or sell you any quick fix solutions. He knows that to get a six pack requires a lot of work and you need to get your entire body into shape in order to actually get to such a low body fat percentage.

The second thing I like is that the workouts are effective and the videos showing them are clear and easy to follow. What I like less about the plan is that it seems geared primarily to men. I’m sure that women will be able to benefit from it but it still seems to be a plan for guys mostly.

Overall, I have no doubt that you can burn body fat and get lean with this program. It takes a lot of hard work but you will see results.

Cool Socks From Hot Sox

Designer socks have long been the forte of Ellie. And if you are one of the many women who are into those outrageous designer socks of both ankle and knee lengths, then you surely must have heard of HOT SOX! Yes, this is the official baby of Ellie!

Ellie Gordon has done so much in the fashion industry. Coming from a Polish family who survived the Holocaust, the strength of Ellie’s company is definitely an inspiring story all throughout the industry. In fact, apart from being one of the hugest names in the latest realm in fashion hosiery, Ellie has also led so many women in business. She prides herself with her very own mission geared towards assisting women in making strong names for themselves in the world of business. Effectiveness is a quality that Ellie aims to hone for all the business women she gets in touch with. Ellie definitely has what it takes to do this for the many women who want to be just like her. Look at her! She is the founder of HOT SOX Company Inc. Not only that, Ellie is also the senior executive vice president of the company she founded! What’s more, the company she brought into realization garners annual sales of over $60 million! Imagine that! Ellie Gordon has definitely come a long way from being a Holocaust survivor who fled her homeland of Poland with her parents, to try their luck in America.

At the early age of seven, Ellie started developing her canny business sense when her father bought a soda/candy shop in New York City. Her daily routine was school by day and work at the shop after school. That was basically her routine until her parents started a buy and sell business of stores. With the money made, Ellie then studied art history at American University, located at Washington DC. Art has always been a passion of Ellie’s ever since. It was also during this time that she met Mark, her would-be husband. After gaining her bachelor’s, Ellie immediately attended graduate school, where she started meshing her passion with art and the entrepreneurial experience she gained from working the many shops her parents bought and sold over time. This mixing and matching was actually done unknowingly on her part. But it did not take long for her to start honing her business skills because of the support her parents had given her for so long.

Pretty soon, things started falling into place, and these began paving the way for Ellie to become the artsy entrepreneur that she is today.

YAK Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin Review

Amongst the other e-commerce plugins I have reviewed such eShop and WP e-Commerce, YAK Shopping Cart has come to my attention and the author Jason R Briggs describes the plugin as follows:

YAK is an open source, shopping cart plugin for WordPress. It associates products with weblog entries, so the post ID also becomes the product code. It supports both pages and posts as products, handles different types of product through categories, and provides customisable purchase options (cheque or deposit, basic credit card form, standard PayPal integration, PayPal Payments Pro, and Authorize.net).

Therefore I was interested in testing to see how it would compare to the other plugins I’ve tried. So let’s get straight into the pros and cons of this plugin.


Includes Sales Reports And Graphs

YAK shopping Cart comes with a Sale Report option under the Tools menu. In comparison to other plugins it is definitely a positive with more reporting available to see sales progress. The reports in this plugin are:

o Best sellers for the year

o Best sellers for the month

o A simple graph to see the sales for the month

A Good Range Of Payment Options Available

YAK Shopping Cart has many payment options readily available and it’s built into the plugin. Unlike other e-commerce plugins which are limited or require you to purchase additional payment gateways, YAK covers a majority of them. This plugin offers:

o Manual Credit Card Processing

o Credit on Accounts Receivable

o Authorize.net

o Paypal and Paypal Pro

o Google Checkout

As long as you have an account with the above payment merchants, it’s not too hard to link your shopping cart to them. Though, I’ve noticed they are still lacking payment options such as cash, cheque / money order and cash on delivery. Also YAK does offer a secure SSL connection for all of the above payments.


Documentation And Help Is Hard To Find

I found the plugin quite easy to install but found it very hard to navigate through YAK’s administration panel. It is partly due to a lack of documentation on how to use this plugin. Without documentation most people would struggle to use YAK and would not find it to be user friendly. Additionally I was very surprised to find I had to pay for a handbook to get the documentation, giving the impression the plugin was designed solely to make money not from usage but documentation. I would have rather paid for a plugin with documentation than be given a plugin that you have to waste time figuring how to use it yourself.

Lack Of Functionality For Products

After setting up a product in a post and linking it to YAK I’ve found it to be really basic and lacking a lot of functionality. There are no fields to insert product images. It was not easy to find the fields for obvious product attributes such as weight and quantity. I felt lost when trying to add products.

Not User Friendly And Lack Of Design On The Front End

As I have mentioned already without documentation a user has to spend time working out how this plugin works. What makes it worst is that each section in YAK’s administration is not self explanatory. At first after installing the plugin I went to find a menu called YAK, but after realising there was nothing there I found it had been added to the Tools menu. It added 3 new links: Orders, Products and Sales Reports. I think the developers at YAK thought I could work out how to use this, but they were wrong. It made more frustrated!

To mention, there is a YAK link under Settings which does allow you to change the options for Basic, Products, Download, Payment, Special, Advanced, Shipping, Promotions. It did alleviate some of my frustration when I found this, but I still couldn’t see much on the front end. As you can see, a very poorly designed plugin and lack of user friendliness on both the front end and administration.


I decided to let this plugin go as I had spent over 3 hours just understanding how the plugin could fit into a WordPress blog. Overall there is a lack of user-friendliness and without the user manual it is very difficult to work out yourself. For users who want something simple and a shopping cart that works straight away, YAK is definitely not your solution. I would go back to using WP e-Commerce or eShop any day.

My rating for this plugin is 1 out of 5 stars.

Shopping Around The World And The World Wide Web

Everybody loves to shop! Shopping is a major recreational activity. It is all too human to become absorbed in the details of selection, purchase, and display behavior. When you shop, you buy things, when you need to buy things, you head off to the market. You can find everything in the market!

A market is where you buy and sell stuff. You buy and sell things in a market putting into consideration the things you need and the things you want. You buy and sell stuff at a certain price.

The prices of the goods may fluctuate depending on the time of the year. The market for roses increases during Valentine’s. You can get Christmas cards and Christmas trees and all things Christmas-y at half the price after the Yuletide season.

Marketplaces and street markets. A marketplace is a physical location where goods and services are exchanged. A mall is a market.

Bloomingdale’s is a market. Sephora is a market. From your high-end mall to your salvation army, all these are markets.

The traditional marketplace is a city square where traders set up stalls and buyers browse the merchandise. This kind of market is very old, and countless such markets are still in operation around the whole world.

In the US, such markets fell. But the renewed interest in local food has caused the reinvention of this type of market, called farmers’ markets in many towns and cities.

In continental Europe, especially in France, street markets, as well as “marketplaces” (covered places where merchants have stalls, but not entire stores) are common. Both resellers and producers sell their stuff to the public.

Markets are often temporary, with stalls only present for two days a week (“market days”), however some (such as Camden Market in London, UK) are open every day of the week.

Such markets are normally specialist-the various stalls of Camden Market, along with the shops associated with it, sell a variety of alternative lifestyle products ranging from clothes and jewelry to CDs, instruments and furniture.

An example of a large market is Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok. It covers over 35 acres and contains upwards of 15000 stalls. It is estimated that the market receives between 200,000 and 300,000 visitors each day.

Most stalls are only open on Saturdays and Sundays. The market offers a wide variety of products including household items, clothing, Thai handicrafts, religious artifacts, collectibles, foods, and live animals.

But now that we have the Internet and the World Wide Web, the market is right at your finger tips! It makes everything so much more easier, buying and selling a thousand and one items can be done at home. The e-Bay web site is considered a market.

e-Bay.com is the major auction service on the Web. eBay popularized the concept of buying and selling online, and both individuals and commercial enterprises list items for sale.

Everything there is for free (at least the posting, browsing and bidding of items) If an item is purchased, the seller pays eBay an additional fee. Millions of items are offered, and in 2002, nearly $15 billion worth of merchandise was sold through this service.

Another example of an online market is Amazon.com. The largest online shopping site and one of the most widely known e-commerce sites on the Web. Amazon started out as an online bookstore, constantly making news with the number of titles it offered for sale.

How To Start A Bait Shop

It’s true, fishing is your thing, you know all the latest techniques to catching the big ones. So why not consider opening a bait shop. Bait shops are easy to get going, fun to run, and the ordering of new products is the next best thing to sliced bread. To start a bait shop you will need to know a few good basics to get the ball rolling.

1. Minnow Tanks – You are going to want a minnow tank with at least 6 stalls in it. Most bait shops carry at least 6 different minnows. If you decide for a tank with less stalls, then you should consider purchasing two or more tanks. Your minnow tanks will be equipped with air lines, and continuous water lines. On the end of the air lines, you will have air stones installed. The continuous water lines and air lines tend to float, you can weigh each line down with depth finders.

2. Refrigerators – You will need one small refrigerator and one large refrigerator. The small one you will leave in the shop for your night crawlers, worms, leeches and wigglers. The large refrigerator will be in a back storage area where you can keep your bulk live bait. Depending on the size of bait shop you will be opening, you may need one or more extra refrigerators.

3. Plastic Containers: These can be found online or through your distributor. To package your live bait you will want 8 oz. containers with lids for your one dozen night crawlers, worms and leeches. You will want 12 oz. or 16 oz. containers with lids for your two dozen night crawlers. You may use either plastic or Styrofoam containers. In my experience, the plastic containers work very well for night crawlers and worms, the Styrofoam containers work great for leeches. Some distributors will sell already made up containers thus saving you time but they are and will be more expensive which will cut into your profits.

4. Worm Bedding: You will be able to purchase worm bedding through your distributor. You cannot package the night crawlers and worms in dirt as a lot of customers go outside of the US for traveling, example would be Canada for fishing, and you cannot take US dirt over the boarder to Canada. When storing Worm Bedding be sure to keep the plastic bad tightly rolled up so it remains moist, otherwise, it will harden up over time.

5. Licenses: Before opening your doors, be sure to obtain the correct licenses for running a bait shop. You will have to contact your local Department Of Resources for a dealer’s license. This license will allow you to carry a certain number of live minnows. Then contact your Department of Revenue for a seller’s permit. Both license carry a small fee, and will have to be renewed every year or in some states every two years.

These are the basics to getting started. Bait Shop owners are known to have the longest business hours around. You generally have to open around 4:00 AM and plan on closing around 8:00 PM. May, June, July, August and September are the biggest months for open water fishing. October and November is usually considered down time depending on what you all have to offer in your shop. Once the ice freezes, December, January and February are hot months for ice fishermen. March and April are also considered down time, again, depending on what you all have to offer in your shop. Due to long hours, a lot of little bait shops do end up closing within the first year or two. It takes a great commitment to opening a bait shop but it is a very rewarding business to get going. You not only will meet all kinds of new and interesting people, but you will become the talk of the town, in a good way of course.

Shopping Mall Leasing Strategies for Real Estate Brokers

The leasing of a shopping mall is a specific strategy relative to the location, the property type, the customer demographic, and the landlord. All factors come together to contribute towards a successful leasing outcome and tenancy mix.

It should be said that a successful leasing strategy will contribute towards the greater the benefit of the property. More customers will be encouraged to visit the property and purchase goods or services. On that basis retail leasing is quite special.

Here are some tips to help you with leasing a retail mall in today’s property market:

  1. Understand the vacancy factors that apply to the precinct or location. An excessive number of vacant tenancies will have an impact on market rentals and incentives. Check out the factors of supply and demand that apply within the region. Look for any new property developments that could have an impact on tenant movement and market rentals.
  2. Understand the types of incentives that can be offered by the landlord to attract tenants. Also understand the requirements of tenants when it comes to incentives in today’s market. Any vacancy that you have available for lease needs to be matched to the prevailing market conditions. That will include the rental types, and the incentives offered. The landlord needs to adjust to the prevailing market conditions. Get some details of comparable rentals and other properties nearby to help the landlord understand the packaging of their vacant tenancy.
  3. It should be said that a lease incentive cost should be recovered through the rental structure over the lease term. In other words, any money that is lost or offset in the incentive availability should be recovered by rental growth and escalation across the lease term. You can do this calculation through an assumption of market rentals and a discount cash flow calculation. The net present value of the deal can be compared across the duration of the lease.
  4. Successful leasing executives usually have a substantial database of retail tenants to contact. Any new leasing opportunity can be offered through the database to targeted tenants, anchor tenants, retail specialists, franchise groups, and other industry professionals. Any vacancy can be directly marketed to these groups through cold calling, direct contact, e-mail marketing, and direct mail.
  5. It is acceptable and normal to market a vacant tenancy through the generic media. That will involve newspaper advertising, and Internet listing. There are costs associated with that marketing activity and the landlord should contribute towards those costs.
  6. Most successful leasing transactions occur through the involvement of the leasing executive and direct marketing to the right people. I go back to the point that the database for each broker or agent is quite important to converting more commissions and listings.

It should be noted that any quality property in a good location will create good inbound enquiries. If you are selective with your property appointments and vacant tenancies, you will create more churn and activity in property leasing.

Plus Size Swimwear Can Make You Look Skinny!

Selecting plus size women’s swimwear is no longer a formidable task that put fear in the hearts of the bigger females. Each year, before going to the beach, ladies of plus sizes wer painstakingly searching for the latest designer swimsuit that would somehow “correct” their shapes. And although new designs seem to get better all the time, finding the beachwear of your dreams is not always possible, but worth trying; especially online.

Plus size swimsuits are no longer just an afterthought to clothing designers, they’re an exciting new industry all their own. Nowadays, fashion designers are creating attractive plus size bathing suits, well accentuating the best in female beauty. Try to show your advantages, and hide your negatives, by wearing plus size swimwear. Here are some great choices to help you do just that.

The Tankini. The tankini combines a tank top with a matching bikini bottom. This is a fabulous choice for the plus size woman who wants to create a long, lean look that camouflages her tummy while emphasizing her legs. Tankini bathing suit pieces are usually sold separately, making them perfect for the woman who’s a different size on top than on the bottom.

The Skirtini. This style of bathing suit gives you the torso-lengthening benefits of the tankini, with the option for more coverage over the hips and thighs. Show less your hip area, by use the skirted bottom with a neck tank.

Built-In Bra Tops. For the woman who needs more support on top, many plus size bathing suits come with built-in bras. These swim suits offer the security and uplift of a traditional bra, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident. This plus size swimwear fashion option also comes in minimizing styles, for women who don’t want their bust to be the center of attention.

Waist-Cinching One-Pieces. Swimwear separates are less preferred by plus size women than one-piece bathing suits. Having ahirring at the waist or one of many self-belts, allows you to be seen as having a smaller waistline. These bathing suits have a cinching effect that slims the waist without being uncomfortable to wear. This swimwear fashion often features criss-cross straps in the back that contribute to the waist-whittling effect.

Special Swim Suits. Even those women who have undergone the mastectomy, are nursing or are just out of pregnancy, are well catered for by the swimwear manufacturers. Along with a greater focus on plus size swimwear fashion, bathing suit designers today are taking into account all of a woman’s lifestyle needs when it comes to swimsuits. Maternity swimwear and mastectomy swimwear may still be difficult to find in some stores, but many Internet retailers not only offer them but specialize in them.

Wherever you’re going for your next holiday: Bahamas, Rivera or Florida, you can surely find a great fashionable swimsuit that will make you look desirable.