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Plus Size Swimwear Can Make You Look Skinny!

Selecting plus size women’s swimwear is no longer a formidable task that put fear in the hearts of the bigger females. Each year, before going to the beach, ladies of plus sizes wer painstakingly searching for the latest designer swimsuit that would somehow “correct” their shapes. And although new designs seem to get better all the time, finding the beachwear of your dreams is not always possible, but worth trying; especially online.

Plus size swimsuits are no longer just an afterthought to clothing designers, they’re an exciting new industry all their own. Nowadays, fashion designers are creating attractive plus size bathing suits, well accentuating the best in female beauty. Try to show your advantages, and hide your negatives, by wearing plus size swimwear. Here are some great choices to help you do just that.

The Tankini. The tankini combines a tank top with a matching bikini bottom. This is a fabulous choice for the plus size woman who wants to create a long, lean look that camouflages her tummy while emphasizing her legs. Tankini bathing suit pieces are usually sold separately, making them perfect for the woman who’s a different size on top than on the bottom.

The Skirtini. This style of bathing suit gives you the torso-lengthening benefits of the tankini, with the option for more coverage over the hips and thighs. Show less your hip area, by use the skirted bottom with a neck tank.

Built-In Bra Tops. For the woman who needs more support on top, many plus size bathing suits come with built-in bras. These swim suits offer the security and uplift of a traditional bra, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident. This plus size swimwear fashion option also comes in minimizing styles, for women who don’t want their bust to be the center of attention.

Waist-Cinching One-Pieces. Swimwear separates are less preferred by plus size women than one-piece bathing suits. Having ahirring at the waist or one of many self-belts, allows you to be seen as having a smaller waistline. These bathing suits have a cinching effect that slims the waist without being uncomfortable to wear. This swimwear fashion often features criss-cross straps in the back that contribute to the waist-whittling effect.

Special Swim Suits. Even those women who have undergone the mastectomy, are nursing or are just out of pregnancy, are well catered for by the swimwear manufacturers. Along with a greater focus on plus size swimwear fashion, bathing suit designers today are taking into account all of a woman’s lifestyle needs when it comes to swimsuits. Maternity swimwear and mastectomy swimwear may still be difficult to find in some stores, but many Internet retailers not only offer them but specialize in them.

Wherever you’re going for your next holiday: Bahamas, Rivera or Florida, you can surely find a great fashionable swimsuit that will make you look desirable.