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Sloggi Underwear – Definitely Not Slouchy!

It was in the 1980s that the brand of Sloggi was born. It operated under the famous slogan “The Cotton Revolution”. The new generation of briefs that Sloggi introduced was a welcomed change by a large portion of the market all over the world.

In just a short period of time, the brand started expanding overseas, even reaching sales beyond 500 million briefs being sold in more than 30 countries worldwide. This is because there is a growing number of customers all over the world who have come to associated by the quality and marketing of the underwear company.

The great thing about the launch of the company’s famous briefs is the fact that it was a strategic move on the part of the company. At this time, the brief was no longer considered a topic of taboo, so people were already comfortable with the idea of browsing the market for quality briefs.

As of today, it no longer is a question as to whether Sloggi are being worn since this is something you need not ask anymore! The only question to ask is how to wear these briefs brought forth by Sloggi. For the English, Sloggi briefs actually fit like gloves. For the French, they refer to the underwear manufacturer’s briefs as “Les indéformables”, which translates to “The Indeformable”.

So, what is it exactly about the company’s brief? It actually boasts of so many characteristics that any person would want with their briefs. You surely would want to have a snug yet soft brief, right? It would also be important to find a brief made of material that is free of wrinkles. All of these are offered by Sloggi briefs, thus, making it one of the top choices in the market today.

The secret here is the technology employed by the underwear makers, which is known as “Core-spun”. Pure cotton that is very fine and super-combed is spun with LYCRA® tread. The resultant weave is then very elastic to the feel. But you do not have to worry about having too much elasticity here because the Sloggi brief remains very stable, true to its reputation of being indeformable.

Another great thing about the Sloggi brief is that it does not lose its shape, in spite of the high cotton material that it’s made of. Do not worry about frequent washing or drying of your briefs because the brief’s shape is not affected by these at all.

With the promise of such quality, Sloggi has truly become one of the most coveted brands of briefs, for both males and females. It is indeed well-loved by both facets of the market all over the world!